My wonderful Tefnu of 15 years has passed away on January 20th of 2021. She was my little girl and will miss her always. Sheba continues to live a wonderful life along side her dad, but I still miss my little Tef Tef. 

Hard to believe our little girls are 9 years old (2015). Both are purebred  Burmese from Dennis and Joanne Wheeler of Starstrutters cattery in Oakville, Washington. Including registrations with the CFA.
One month apart in age, but completely different. 
Tefnu (Teffy) Champagne              Sire: Cimarron Spike         Dam: Crystal Star
Sheba  Sable  (dark chocolate)         Sire: Stagelight’s Sailor    Dam: One-Of-A Cline
Teffy is the independent of the two. Requiring much attention and allowances to confirm all is well in the house. We call her Homeland Security. Constantly checking everything for weakness and placement as well as communicating her opinions up and down the hall and at times holding onto a toy in mouth crying, look at me.
Sheba is more laid back requiring a lap with blanket for getting cozy and maybe a finger nail to chew on is always good. The heavier of the two, she has the typical bell shaped body of the Sables breed.
 Both of these wonderful cats require plenty of attention and room to run. Boy can they run! The two sound like a full herd of horses and at times, something from the Indy 500 including a squeal of their paws that replicates tire laying rubber on pavement. Just get out of the way until they wear themselves out. Play time includes something you would see in the WWF. Plenty of body slams and fur pulling, but ends in a warm bed with both grooming each other before a quick snooze. Regardless of the difference of opinion between each other, they are best friends, sister and sister, providing protection when one calls out for the other.
I highly recommend our breeder and the Burmese breed.